The Kritika Kultura Special Literary Issue

of new Philippine writing in English is now available for viewing, downloading, shameless plugging, viral sharing, reading, debate/discussion, and meme-fication! CHECK IT OUT! And on the subject of shameless plugging, included in the anthology is my nonfiction piece, “Anamnesis,” a series of vignettes about certain events and ideas and implications I’d rather forget and not think about but can’t — and shouldn’t.

I’m looking forward to reading the whole anthology, but meanwhile I must recommend these works I’ve read, by friends I feel so proud of:

Postcards from Somewhere” (spoiler: JAPAN) by Bo Jimenez, an earlier draft of which won 2nd place at the 2010 Palanca Awards for the essay;

This House” by Dana Delgado, full of awkward silences and tentative noises and uncertainty;

From Notes of a Professional Refugee” by Jean Lau, the tales of a girl inured by life to fight and flight;

facebooks makes and breaks relationships” by Anna Oposa, an excellent example of Facebook literature guaranteed to elicit a guffaw even from Miss Havisham herself;

Between what we know is finite and the person in your mouth,” smart and senti, by Carlos Quijon;

and “To My Mother” by Pia Benosa, a piece I wish I’d written.

Can’t wait to read the rest of the works, will update this with my favorites once I get through the anthology! Have a reading weekend!

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