Things that used to make me feel very alone and lonely, but now not so much


  1. Getting sick—dragging myself to the doctor, holding my left hand with my right on the examination table, buying meds, making myself some soup, tucking myself into bed
  2. Deplaning and going through the airport arrivals hall with my pack on my back and the hope of a short taxi queue
  3. Walking home at half-past three in the morning after a night of checking papers at some café
  4. My birthday and Valentine’s Day.
  5. Cooking, eating out and being served portions large enough for two
  6. Moving house
  7. Anxiety attacks (in the shower, during yoga practice, in an FX, in the MRT, in the mall, in the office, on an overpass, in the corner of Wait and Do Not Wait Streets)
  8. The fact of Facebook
  9. The beach, especially on very hot days
  10. Rejected invitations (because I seldom make invitations)

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