short answers to Pensieve questions

  1. Tintin Batutin. Kristetay. Boss Ham. Crackers. Tinneh. Chokies.
  2. McDonald’s coffee float and apple pie. Chow King’s buchi and nai cha. Krispy Kreme’s cafe mocha. Goldilock’s puto and choco-chip cookies. Kenny Roger’s corn muffins. Tokyo Tokyo’s California maki and Hokkaido pearl milk tea. Tous Les Jours’ sweet black rice bread with sesame cream cheese.
  3. Drawing. Origami. Beadwork. Decoupage. Papermaking. Papier-mâché. Very sloppy sewing.
  4. Gingerbons. Tic-tac white. Chewy tamarind candy. Chocnut. White Rabbit. Haw-Haw.
  5. Mothballs, tobacco, new books, fresh pan de sal, and stale coffee.
  6. Steve. Keng. Safrey. Kit. Ken. Sam. Tobi. Giulio. Julian. Franco.
  7. Buko juice. Coffee. Milk tea. Hot chocolate. Calamansi juice. Earl Grey tea. Tanduay Ice.
  8. Akazukin Chacha. Blue Blink. Wedding Peach. Fantasy Quest. Magic Knight Ray Earth. Detective Conan. Ghost Fighter. BtX. Rurouni Kenshin. Hunter X Hunter. Fushigi Yuugi. Lupin III. Neon Genesis Evangelion. Bubblegum Crisis. Inu Yasha. Death Note. Vampire Knight. Jigoku Shoujo.
  9. Chess. Scrabble. Word Factory. Snakes and Ladders. Monopoly. Uno.
  10. The Piano Player. Open Door. Dark Passion Play.  Hopes and Fears. Here, Here and Here. One of the Boys. Oh! Gravity. It’s Blitz!  Opheliac. Let It Die.

*Pensieve is a memory prompt email service developed by Cornell University.


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