15 points of desire (or the things I write in traffic when given Facebook prompts)

  1. Dark jeans and a black, long-sleeved polo shirt with the top three buttons undone.
  2. Dinner date appetizer: pop culture and world news. Main course: economics, politics, and philosophy. Dessert: impressionist art and poetry.
  3. Broad shoulders, tapering back, firm, rounded pectorals, and muscular arms flexed in martial arts practice, bookshelf carpentry, or laundry.
  4. Caramel macchiato skin, clean-cut, unstyled hair, soft lips, the glare of spectacles masking bright, dangerous eyes.
  5. Educated diction, proper spelling and grammar, straight talk, dry wit, corny jokes and bad puns.
  6. Indie-folk, chamber pop, and piano rock.
  7. A voice like rich, chili chocolate or whiskey-spiked molasses, and a honey tongue in my ear.
  8. Exposed throat and the clean, crisp scent of morning before sunrise, after rain.
  9. Singing out loud and slightly off-key in a foreign language, out of the blue, in the streets.
  10. Weekday evenings spent on passion projects like web designing, piano-playing, or film photography.
  11. A shot of espresso over  a can of beer.
  12. Pressed shirts, made bed, fresh linen, swept floor, messy desk.
  13. A library of books that I would like to read.
  14. His heartbeat fast and pounding with my ear against his chest and his back against the wall.
  15. Feet that have walked to mountaintops and secret, hard-to-reach places. Intermittent absences.

One thought on “15 points of desire (or the things I write in traffic when given Facebook prompts)

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