happy skewered hearts day!

Since high school, it’s been a sort of tradition with me to do something creative for this day. Last year, I wrote a trabble (a story with exactly 300 words). The year before that, I drew a pretty couple; pieced together a breakup story using random tweets from my old (and now defunct) Twitter account and; sang a snarky song.

Well this year I got busy, so. Have some handwritten post-romantic poems and a song I recorded atop a mountain at sunset when I went on a solo climb in December last year, haha. A delicious skewered hearts day to all and sundry!


“In a Beautiful Country” by Kevin Prufer

“Variations on the Word Love” by Margaret Atwood

“To Be Elsewhere” by Hsia Yü, trans. from Chinese by Karen An-Hwei Lee

“Beautiful Boyfriend” by Marilyn Chin

“What lips my lips have kissed” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Sigh No More” by William Shakespeare

“Love and Work” by Rachel Wetzsteon

“Areas, Gray” by Mookie Katigbak

“Post-Romantic” by Paisley Rekdal

“Domestic Situation” by Ernest Hilbert

tiled poems


Light Years Away” by MoZella


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