If I lived in a small town near mountains and the sea


I would…

  • rise at five and write down the night’s dreams, then wash all thought of more sleep away with cold water from an earthen jar. Do a few sun salutations.
  • bike to the beach and run barefoot along the strand ‘til dawn, or paddle around in the dark water until the tide recedes as the sun comes up.
  • head to the market to buy fish from the morning’s catch, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and bread.
  • put coffee in the percolator as I prepare a breakfast of vegetable frittata and toast. Eat breakfast in the veranda while listening to the dawn chorus.
  • clean, cut, and marinate the fish.
  • arrange dishes in the sink, sweep the floor, make my bed, bathe, and get dressed.
  • settle down at my workstation in front of a window, answer emails, read revisions, edit manuscripts. Get in four hours of work.
  • grill the fish, an eggplant and tomatoes, and make moussaka for lunch.
  • wash the dishes.
  • take a thirty-minute nap.
  • read, edit, and write until late afternoon.
  • practice yoga when the golden hour falls.
  • shower and leave the house at sundown, head to the seaside bistro for an early supper. Chat with friends, other locals, and maybe travelers.
  • be back at home by eight, play piano music and read a book, and be asleep by half-past ten.
  • go hiking on weekends, and spend Saturday nights camping on the beach or the mountain, meditating under the stars at night and breathing in the nippy morning air.

One thought on “If I lived in a small town near mountains and the sea

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