I believe in the absurdity of life, the meaninglessness of existence, the indifference of heaven and earth.

I believe in the pain of wanting, the difficulty of loving, the suffering of living, and the necessity of these—of pain, of difficulty, of suffering—for a life lived humanely and to the full.

I believe in morality without god and the afterlife deserts of breeze and burning.

I believe we can write our own lives and create our own meanings, within and in spite of the inexorable forces and grand narratives of history.

I believe in chasing after happiness and love and dreams, though dreams may be perpetually deferred, love illusory, and happiness fleeting, for they are the only justification for hanging on.

I believe in the light of learning and art, how they illumine and preserve pathways.

I believe in the salvation of sleep and death, and thereafter, darkness and oblivion, everlasting.



7 thoughts on “credo

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