oh hey, i have a new blog

Since I deleted my Twitter, which served as my ranting outlet and repository of various shenanigans by internet pundits that I stumble upon, and my Facebook, on which I posted my weekly “poetry fix,” I needed a new avenue for the intellectual bits and pieces I think it would do me well to remember but can’t fit into the messy, stuffy attic that is my head (and this blog — see, I want to post my own shit here). Hence, PROSE PRUNINGS was born. To it I copy, paste, and post (with sources!) “snippets of prose and poetry, fragments of ephemeral thought.”

maybe someday I'll come up with a nerdier header image

That, along with PHOTO-PUTTERING POETRY (my photoblog) and DEAR MAMA, LOVE TINTIN (webcomics a la A Softer World), makes for three tumblr  projects for me. And then there’s my deviantArt account, where the bulk of my illustrations are — ahh, I’m such a stickler for compartmentalization!

In other news, I am reblogging this from Ma’am Chingbee:

Coming this March: The Kritika Kultura Anthology of New Philippine Writing in English. Edited by Mark Anthony Cayanan, Conchitina Cruz, and Adam David. Featuring new work by: Arbeen Acuña, Liana Barcia, Maria Pia V. Benosa, Lawrence Bernabe, Mae Cacanindin, Catherine Candano, Joseph Casimiro, Marrian Pio Roda Ching, Jose V. Clutario, Isabela Cuerva, Paul S. de Guzman, Jun De La Rosa, Dana Lee F. Delgado, Daryll Delgado, Arlynn Despi, Katrina C. Elauria, Francis Murillo Emralino, Rey Escobar, Apo Española, EJ C. Galang, J. Pilapil Jacobo, Florianne Jimenez, Phillip Kimpo Jr., Pauline Lacanilao, Christine V. Lao, Isabelle Lau, Petra Magno, Johnina Martha Marfa, John Revo Ocampo, Anna Oposa, Zosimo Quibilan, Jr., Carlos Quijon, Jr., Eris Ramos, Ramon Niño T. Raquid, Kristine Reynaldo, Agustin Martin G. Rodriguez, Sandra Nicole Roldan, Chiles Samaniego, Katrina Stuart Santiago, Oscar Tantoco Serquiña, Jr., Vincenz Serrano, Christian Tablazon, Alyza Taguilaso, Rapunzel Tomacder, Eileen F. Tupaz, Vyxz Vasquez, and Eliza Victoria. Exquisite Corpses by DJ Legaspi, Mervin Malonzo, and Josel Nicolas.



4 thoughts on “oh hey, i have a new blog

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