and the nights grow colder but i’m more than okay <3

Another result of a photographically productive weekend. It’s the culminating product of my INALity, of which I believe I am finally cured, after all the “creative” shit that fed off it: a poem, an album concept, and now, a comic strip. Thank goodness, I was really starting to get sick of myself and my self-indulgent rambling to the theme of “All the Love in the World” on repeat, despite my awesome friends and all the things I’ve been busy with. Now I can enjoy the lovely, cool weather, the Christmas lights, the fluffy/cheesy movies and even cheesier couples, without feeling all oh-woe-is-me. Art as therapy, indeed!

So here, have a laugh — especially those of you who’ve been on the receiving end of my INAL rantfests. I swear this is the last of it you’ll hear from me! Am looking forward to an eventful, heartwarming December with family, friends, and more gab/grub/grog fests. <3

comic strip preview. i may look 16 here, but i swear i'm twentysomething! XD

forever alone by ~mirageode on deviantART

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