now playing: tang-INAL – mga kantang ampalaya atbp.

Hung out with some friends last friday at UST. Given the, uh, romantic setting (strings of light hanging from trees! paved courtyard! gardens! lovey students EVERYWHERE!), talk turned to our feelings of INALity that this Christmas season and its attendant SMP-consciousness are heightening (for those who don’t know, INAL is an acronym supposedly coined by one Rina Araneta. It stands for I Need A Lover. SMP stands for Samahang Malamig ang Pasko, popularized by this Nestea commercial). Being the artsy-fartsy kids that we are, we came up with a band name that simultaneously acknowledges and brushes aside INALity! And being the bored kid that I am, I made artworks for our fictional band’s hypothetical first album from pictures I took last friday!

album cover art

album cover - back. the songs are references to INAL-inducing popular songs and inside jokes.

band members!

the text is yet to exist!

hypothetical pa rin!

That is all. Just watched BFGF on TV5 and am watching My Amnesia Girl with my sisters in a few because John Lloyd is there. Haha!


2 thoughts on “now playing: tang-INAL – mga kantang ampalaya atbp.

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