call for papers for undead conference

UP Writers Club is coming up with a zine of sci-fi and fantasy writing set in UP. because i didn’t have much time to write it (thanks to a series of school shiz), and because my brain is totally not working right now, i only came up with 11 six-word shorts (for a total of 66 words! yeh). argh, i hope i get to write something less sabaw before the deadliest deadline (whenever that may be)!

“Gourmet or Grub: Isko as Victual”
Terror prof devours students. Not metaphorically.
“Eliminating Hunting: UP Fair as Feast”
Allergic to brains, dining on JJs.
“Respecting Otherness: Perspectives on Feeding Strategies”
Bloodsucking is not rape. Stop discrimination!
“The (Mis)Representation of Vampires in Twilight
Animal blood–are you kidding me?!
“100 Years of Scholarship, Undying Excellence”
Turning vegan after fourteen Ph.Ds. Decomposing.

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