Team Horhe at Makiling

i’m able to blog again! *sniff* my one-entry-a-day resolution in livejournal is ruined. so, i’m gonna make up for it with an uber-long entry. lol. anyway…
I’M BACK TO CIVILIZATION YAYAY~ *kisses the monitor*
i missed my bed, real food, spending hours in the bath, waking up late, reading “home” bystarscouldfall, bodybalance, megatexting (hi GM list, will spam you later, hee), and other marvels of human laziness and self-indulgence culture and technology.
but more than that, i’ll miss team horhe and mil sci. *sniff*
i’ll miss our jokes, intrigues, chats, screams, camwhorage, and horsing around. i’ll miss rappelling so much. i’ll miss the thrill of learning unfamiliar stuff and trying things i never thought i could do. i’ll miss gushing over the sweetness of sir erwin and sir jansen.
our last days together were awesome. we went to los baños for camping/hiking activities that let us apply stuff we’d learned in cwts. because of the rain, we didn’t set up tents and serve as fodder for the humongous mosquitos commune with nature in the great outdoors but instead stayed inside the gym. there were like sixty of us there, and we looked like we were in an evacuation center lol.
on our first night, they had us traversing fields and examining trees in the rain and in the dark, trying to look for markers in compass navigation. then we reviewed CPR, but i was so tired and sleepy to catch anything lol. then some people sang karaoke and kept at it until around 1 am. i couldn’t sleep ’til everything was dark and quiet.
the day after, we woke up at the ungodly hour of 6 am to prepare for a day of trekking. we hiked up (and down) mt. makiling for 7 hours. we plodded through muddy uphills and downhills, trying to grab on to vines, shrubs, and trees, and the occasional rope for dear life. we rappelled down a cliff, waded through streams, climbed up a rocky slope, and finally emerged at the roadside at which point we ran, threw ourselves down on the road, sobbing and flailing, and kissed the concrete. the hike was tiring, but it was fun while it lasted. must be the adrenaline rush brought on by the fear of falling to our deaths lol. i’ll never forget the mud. i must’ve slipped like 15 times in it. if not for my wondrous walking stick, i probably would’ve slipped twenty times more lol. and the cold, gawd, the cold. when we were about to rappel, it rained tigers and wolves. i’d never been so dirty or cold in my entire life. even my undies were soaked in muddy water. still, i feel happy to have experienced that. it’s one of the toughest things i’ve ever had to do, and it’s given me a sense of accomplishment greater than any US certificate ever would.
that night was smokers’ night. i dunno why it’s called that when only the instructors smoked (and they did that all the time anyway), but anyhoo. it meant belting our guts out with the karaoke. at least, the representative performers did. lol it was really really fun. watching the performers, i mean. some were awesome, like our mommy nieves who wowed everybody with her singing and dancing. some made me feel like i was in a comedy bar, and that was awesome too. i loved the guy from team azaaar who did an interpretative dance of “mr. suave” and the guy from team harot who probably watched the music video of “oops, i did it again” like a thousand times to be able to perform britney’s dance sequence there. gotta admire their energy and willingness to bury their sense of shame in the pit of  their hearts for a while.
the next day we had another compass navigation/amazing race where we got tested not only on compass-reading skills, but also on CPR, spineboard management, ropemanship, bandaging, UP Naming Mahal singing, two-cable traverse, tyrolean traverse, and joke-telling. i thought we were going to escape the mud then coz the instructors said the night before that we wouldn’t go back to the mountain, but man was i wrong. indeed we didn’t trek up makiling again, but we descended down this valley where the boy scouts usually train, and we still met with mud, streams, mud, steep inclines, mud, forest, mud, and mud. good thing i found another walking stick and barely slipped. lol. seems that i need more than two legs to find my balance.XD then we went to swim in the afternoon. because i fail (and because i got even more scared because maxell almost drowned), i didn’t swim. good thing i was saved by groupmates.
after the awarding ceremony (our group won best in practicals! hee. at least we got an award lol), we finally went home. :)
when i think of what we went through those two and a half days, indeed, of what we went through the whole course, i’m amazed that we held out and made it. i honestly find it unbelievable that, with my clumsiness and absent-mindedness, i managed not to fall down a cliff or hit my head on a tree trunk or go down the rappelling tower without being attached to the system (hee, i almost managed to accomplish the last one though). instead of a sprained ankle or a broken arm, i survived with no cuts, but only a scratch and a few bruises.XD
if you’re looking for a cwts class, take mil sci. you won’t regret it, i swear. me, i thank all the people who convinced me to take mil sci when i was having second thoughts about it. the activities are awesome, the bond you’ll form with groupmates will be something to treasure, and, if you’re a nerdy homebody like me, the change of environment would do you a lot of good. get out of your books and your heads for a while. try new things, face your fears, leave your comfort zone. go out–there’s life outside.

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